Aliah Home Care is prepared to give you the guidance and support you need when caring for an aging loved one. We are a full service, licensed home health care company that offers a wide range of services throughout the State of New York. These include: Home Health Care, Live-In Home Care, Geriatric Care Management, Senior Residential Options, Special Needs Experts, and Educational Support.

Our unique approach to elder care is based on the concept of continuity in client care. We offer you the support and guidance you need to ensure your loved one has consistent home health care services now and in the future. Aliah Home Care provides the quality care you want and the peace of mind you deserve.

How are services paid for?

Services are covered by most health insurance plans. Aliah Home Care is aligned with a growing number of managed care companies, and we accept many forms of traditional insurance. The patient's personal doctor prescribes the services, which are then paid for in part or in total by managed care providers, including HMO's, private insurance, other third-party payers, or private payment.

Sources of Home Care Funding

The Medicare home care benefit is available to retired individuals who are over the age of 65, and who have worked ten (10) or more years in a job that contributed to Medicare. The care being provided must be skilled and intermittent. The individual must be homebound while receiving services and must be under a plan of care by a physician. If the person meets all of these criteria, Medicare will pay for home health care services by nurses, therapists, 80% of pre-approved durable medical equipment needs and intermittent home health aide assistance, as long as skilled care is in place.

This is a joint federal-state assistance program for low income individuals. It will cover medically necessary care, long term care and some other personal and homemaking care at home depending on the situation.

Health Insurance and managed care organizations will pay for certain home care services, but this varies from plan to plan. Services usually need to be medically necessary or skilled, sometimes pre-approved and may or may not cover general personal care. Long-term care insurance is private pay insurance that can assist in reimbursement for home care costs if an individual meets the eligibility criteria in the policy. The insurance must be purchased before it is needed.

Private Pay
Arrangements can be made to secure supplemental Home Health Aide services through a program of private pay. Call our Intake Department for information at 718-879-1414.