A Note to thank you for your concern regarding my mom, ML. I knew you called during the storm to ask if she was all right and needed food & also to wish her Happy New Year. As for her aides, they are wonderful sweet girls. We love them!

M.A. & L.P.

Please allow me to commend your organization, and especially all the aides that take care of Mr. TK for the magnificent job everyone did during our recent blizzard. (The fifth largest in New York City history) Despite the challenges this storm brought to everyone individually, and to their responsibilities to their own family, each person involved in Mr. TK's care was committed to making sure first that he received the care he needed, and was never left alone.

Not for one moment did I worry about Mr. TK during this storm. Aliah's dedication and professionalism really came through. Thank you one and all!


When I learned that my mom had a stroke while she was in Florida, and I decided that I was going to bring her home with me for awhile, I knew I was going to need some help with some of her daily activities (exercise, walking and companionship) while I went to work.

Zahava at Aliah Homecare was a great help. No only did she help me coordinate hiring help from Aliah (by phone in Florida), she was understanding and flexible with respect to providing Aliah Homecare with certain requirements in advance of someone showing up at our door.

And once we were home, not only did a nurse and an Aliah homecare provider show up at my door, but Zahava was there too, just checking in to meet us and see that everything was going smoothly.


Just a note to thank everyone at your organization for your assistance and support. Every staff member has always been kind and professional. You have been very thoughtful in the assistance provided to my mom. Her aides Ms. Sita and Ms. Nancy have been wonderful, kind and helpful.


I am writing to commend Rita on the exceptional care she provided for my mother in her time of need. Since she began working as my mom's home-health aid in September 2010, she has been caring, prompt and delightful. She has skill and experience of a qualified home care provider.

My mom is not the easiest patient to care for and has been described by a variety of medical personnel as "feisty." Rita demonstrated the training necessary to address those challenges. I would recommend Rita to anyone seeking care for a family member./font>


I am writing to commend Premdaie Singh on the exceptional care she provided as a home-health aide for my mother. Ms Singh is a lovely, smart and delightful person. She is dedicated and diligent.

My mother has many chronic issues both mental and physical. Ms. Singh has found a way to motivate her and at the same time provide extraordinary care.

Ms. Singh is an exceptional home health aide and I highly recommend her for her outstanding skill and ability.